The Archer-
I made my way out of high school a sport fanatic who used to tape random Hawks/Sixers games from the Omni. The camp I attended for 14 summers (Scatico) had a profound impact.
At BU I did a fair amount of drugs to the point where I felt like Tim Buckley on the jacket cover of his early seventies album “Greetings From LA.” in a word; spent
First major push came in March of ’02 when I got a shot at broadcasting for a Double A Baseball Team. The long and the short is that a Jew in Tennessee does not mesh.
Moved to the eastern seaboard of Florida where I worked in a library and fooled around with a lot of single 40 year old moms and ate prime-rib dinners at The Raindancer.
After that I realized I wanted to work with kids and being a huge Eric Kloss fan I chose the field of visual impairment.
My next major push was heading to Tucson to get my degree. Here is where I met my beautiful wife Yaju. It was the reason I was suppose to come to Arizona. We are one and the same even if we we’re born 8000 miles apart. We are always in good spirits doing physical things.
The birth of my daughter Hannah has dominated the recent years of my life. There are so many great things about Hannah and my favorite is that she never let’s me lose my mind. Even if I feel soulless or dispirited I look at her and realize all is not lost.
Now the third push of my existence has begun. Reentering the marketplace of AM radio where with the help of a wise old man we will find our way back to the early seventies.


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