The Myth of Chris Christie…

The man who will save the Republican Party? This is a mystery to me.

Is it because a neighboring Governor is seeking advice for him about balancing the budget? Is it because he doesn’t have the political track record that say Romney does? His state doesn’t have the credit rating that Pawlenty’s does. He has served about the same amount of time as Governor of the Garden State as Palin did in Alaska. Why is he credible…

The truth is the Republicans are trying to find an “electable” candidate that can appeal to Northeastern Rhino Republicans, racist, gun touting, bible thumping southern Conservatives, and scared old white Midwestern Snow Birds…..good luck.

Mabye if Christie had completed a full term in office and there was legitimate private/public sector growth in the Garden State and he was able to bring down budget deficits without destroying people s pensions than he would be viable to Northeastern Rhino’s.

Mabye if Christie believed that Nascar was king and Obama was not born in this country and that he was a Muslim he could appeal to the Southern Conservative Wing.

And mabye if he promised to never raise property taxes and build a fence around the southwestern border of this country and detained all 12 million undocumented workers in this country he could get the Snow Bird vote.

That’s a lot of elasticity for a man whose waist line is already maxed out. It’s hard being a Republican these days….at least one who wants to get elected.



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One Response to The Myth of Chris Christie…

  1. tucsonpete says:

    I think it’s pretty convenient to forget that there was a Jr. Senator from Illinois that was fresh in his first term prior to running for prez in 2007. If it wasn’t a huge issue for Obama, it shouldn’t be for Christie.

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